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On December 1, 2015, the San Jose City Council held a public hearing regarding the proposed Planned Development (PD) Zoning application for the development. After hearing supportive testimony and a brief description of the development, the City Council voted unanimously to approve the PD Zoning proposal. The vote is an important step on the development timeline and cleared the way for the development team to submit a Planned Development Permit application, which happened last December. Thanks to all who came out to support the project!

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In the time since the PD Zoning has been approved by the City Council, the development team has been hard at work solving a number of critical issues on the development. While these
issues are not as interesting as the design work that our team is sharing with the community at our public events and on the website, they are nevertheless critical to moving forward with the

Here are some of the areas we have been focusing on over the last 60 days:

PD Permit – We submitted the PD Permit package in December and have held a number of meetings with City staff to go over their comments. We will present this work to the
public on March 30.

Floodplain – A sliver of the site adjacent to Taylor and 7th is in the floodplain. We have submitted an application to FEMA to remove those parts of the site from the floodplain.
Environmental Remediation – We have been working with Santa Clara County on a remediation plan and to obtain a No Further Action letter for the site. With below grade parking, it will be important to have an appropriate plan and approvals for any contamination that we may encounter.

Silent Crossing – We have been working with the City and Union Pacific to enact a silent train crossing at 7th/Jackson. Improvements to the crossing would mean that the train engineers
will stop blowing their whistle in advance of the crossing.

Public Park – The City and our team have been working on a parkland agreement to govern the dedication and improvement of the park at the center of the development. We anticipate a public
meeting focused on the park in April.

Protected Intersections – The City is leading a process to identify neighborhood transportation projects that will be funded and built with fees charged to the development. A public meeting on this topic was held on February 2.

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